A balmy packaging solution from designers in search of a problem

The Diary is a simple soul – it likes nothing more than the smell of cut grass, a lingering sunset, a park bench and a can of Tennent’s Super.

So it was able to appreciate the frisson of excitement than must have resonated through the offices of design agency DewGibbons when the staff had a “eureka!” moment recently.

The gang were busily investigating “packaging solutions” for the Daniele Ryman skincare range when the epiphany occurred.

They were obviously thinking about boxes from well outside the box when suddenly it hit them: “Boxes don’t have to be square”.

From the ensuing origami mashup there emerged a series of contoured cardboard containers, which now house the Daniele Ryman range of products.

One of these physics-defying boxes found its way to Marketing Week, albeit in a parcel of a more traditional, square design.

Nestling inside this remarkable box was a dinky tub of Daniele Ryman rescue balm – which offers more surprises in the form of “intensive moisturising solutions” for lips, nails, hands and moments of crisis. The Diary has never yet had a moment of crisis that needed moisturising, but if that ghastly scenario does now arise then it is a relief to know that the remedy is close at hand.

The Daniele Ryman range, and associated revolutionary boxes, are on sale at Boots.


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