A beer ad that’s a bit Nia the knuckle

In the old days, companies were named after their founder – and run by his descendants – and marketing comprised simple slogans – “Buy Hopkins’ excellent boot polish” – and pictures of scantily clad women.

In some parts of the world (Manchester, for instance) it seems the old days persist. Local brewer JW Lees has just revealed its latest ad, featuring barmaid Nia Jellicoe in a skimpy dress. The lovely Nia won the honour after clammy-handed brewery bosses – beg pardon – eagle-eyed brewery executives saw this picture of her in the JW Lees 2004 “Barmates” calendar. According to managing director William Lees-Jones: “Nia’s certainly got a talent for this sort of thing. Why use a model from a London agency when we’ve got beautiful girls right here behind our bars!”

Having been awarded a modelling contract (don’t worry Mr Lees-Jones, it’s not with one of those “London agencies”) on the back of her poster success, Nia now wants to work for world peace (with children, or failing that, animals).


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