A between the sheets debate

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The quote you attributed to me in your piece “Poster buyers slam Postar outdoor study” (MW March 22) is incorrect. You asked me if the new research would revolutionise the Outdoor industry. I said not initially but that there would be further research and it could be 18 months to two years before data would be available for analysing audiences for individual sites. This would be needed to revolutionise the way Outdoor was bought and sold.

The example I gave was a targeted superlite campaign, which would not show an improved delivery of the targeted audience, even though we know sites have been correctly selected to achieve this. The indexed cover of the targeted audience wouldn’t be different from another superlite campaign delivering the same audience. It would produce a delivery distinct from a 48-sheet campaign as sizes have different audience profiles.

Steve Wilson

Managing director


London W1

Our reporter’s notes clearly show that a comparison was made between a 48-sheet campaign and a six-sheet campaign. The notes also include the following observation: “My God, if it was up to me I’d launch it quietly and spend 18 months getting it right”. Editor


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