A bit of artistic Licence from ITV

“Clutter,” I hear you mutter. Ads are everywhere and consumers are becoming disillusioned. Big brands are getting more and more frustrated at receiving very little return for the millions they splash out every year on advertising. This might be about to change.

While digging through some discarded memos in a bin near Granada Television’s offices, one of the Diary’s spies – sorry, investigative journalist colleagues – found a piece of official-looking paper. Though partially obscured by sweet and sour sauce, the name at the top was definitely Mick something. The memo outlined a plan to sell a book containing discount vouchers to viewers, and show no advertising at all on TV. This way, the clutter could be reduced, the consumers would see more quality programming for their money and advertisers would get their messages across. The suggested price for this book – £112. The Diary thinks this plan sounds a tad familiar…


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