A bulletproof brand

Good to see the ASA did not uphold the complaints of those who regarded the Lynx Bullet advertising as offensive and demeaning to women (MW last week).

Lynx Bullet
Bullet: Lynx avoided ASA rap

While these complainants appear to have failed the sense of humour test, I have proof that most people passed with flying colours. I refer to a real-world test of the nation’s sensibilities. My agency picked up the Lynx advertising baton when running a live marketing campaign in major Superdrug stores. There is no better place to sense test brand propositions than in the live environment – people tend to tell you in no uncertain terms what they really think of you.

Our campaign had great-looking girls in hotpants, with fellas invited to download “pocket pulling power” mobile applications and to take pics of the girls. Yet everyone reacted in a manner entirely in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek nature of the activity – in what is predominantly a female shopping environment.

The best indicator of the campaign’s acceptance was the unanimously positive reactions of store managers, people more sensitive than anyone about offending their customers. I don’t begrudge the boys their harmless bit of fun – thousands downloaded our Bluetooth brand messages – particularly when sales of Lynx Bullet ran at 10 times those of non-promotional stores!

Francesca Evans
Group account director



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