A chance for all good men in pants to pant for charity

If you go down to Canary Wharf or the City, you’re sure of a big surprise⦠or you will be next Tuesday (May 16). Apparently, it’s Men in Pants Day, featuring sponsored walks around London’s business district in aid of male cancer charity Orchid.

The Diary wonders if former Marketing Week deputy editor Lindsay McMurdo, now at Canary Wharf-based Ogilvy Group as UK communications director, chairman Gary Leih and any of their agency colleagues are going to join in. Women are also invited to participate – presumably spurred on by the appearance of sporting celebs Pat Cash and rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen – so it could be an opportunity for “singletons” to hook up with a Bridget Jones-type in big pants, too.

Sadly, as Tuesday is deadline day, The Diary won’t be able to play its own “smalls” part in the walk. But if you fancy getting involved in either of the 1.5km events taking place at 12.30pm, you need to register for a pair of Orchid boxer shorts (the more coy among you will be allowed to sport them over trousers) and a sponsorship form at www.orchid-cancer.org.uk


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