A change, but not for better

I have just read Dorothy Mackenzie’s letter (MW June 17).

I have just read Dorothy Mackenzie’s letter (MW June 17).

As a foreigner, I have to say that the conservative image mentioned in the letter is part of what conveys an image of class and refinement about Britain abroad. I cannot see it as undermining British exports as this is what is expected from abroad.

BA needed to change its image. It was getting a bit tired. Trying to be innovative and modern, it opted for the variety of “artistic” pieces of various degrees of taste on the tail-fins.

The result is confusing. It is now harder to recognise a BA plane than it used to be. And the design does not give the impression of a modern Northern European global carrier but more of an Air Bonga-Bonga.

There is no consistency and the final result tends to be distasteful. The redesign has been an expensive exercise that caused more irritation than admiration.

Robert Ayling’s comments that non-British passengers like the new tail-fins may be because some of them recognise signs of their own nationality on them, not necessarily that they like the variety of designs used.

Excessive floral designs may be good for Eastern Europe or Asia, but would it work in North America?

Going for the “Concorde” look is the best option and should be done on all planes for consistency’s sake. It’s all very well trying new things, but consistency is an old rule which still applies a great deal.

Sergio De Oliveira

Naval/Aerospace marketing controller

Jane’s Information Group



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