A Cosmopolitan attitude to sex

The Diary is bored. Not that there’s anything wrong with Marketing Week – but it’s not exactly Glamour, is it? In quieter moments, the Diary likes to indulge in pipe dreams of snuggling between Burberry and Chanel ads, in Marie Claire or Elle.

Dreams no more! Thanks to Sarah Hedley, Rachel Morris and Dr Sarah Humphery, the Diary has come to realise that sex sells.

The aforementioned trio have taken up posts as “sex editors” at Cosmopolitan, pioneering something called the Orgasm Patrol.

To mark their appointment, they will be holding a party at sex boutique Coco de Mer, complete with champagne and an orgasmatron, which sounds not only rather insanitary in a party context, but reminiscent of the Woody Allen classic, The Sleeper. However, the Diary must be seen to move with the times.

So, should this page be blank next week, readers will know that the Diary’s (ahem) portfolio impressed the Orgasm Patrol and pastures glossier have beckoned.


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