A cut above the ordinary shopper

I was left aghast by some of the comments made by Rita Clifton, chairman of brand consultancy Interbrand in the article “The Gucci catwalk needs two new suits” (MW November 13). She is quoted saying: “The company needs to try to control who is photographed wearing Gucci clothes and in which settings” and “it is becoming associated too closely with footballers’ wives and the disposable celebrity society.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main aim of every organisation, and indeed its very lifeblood, is to increase profit and turnover, irrespective of how this is achieved. The very people Ms Clifton is referring to have contributed significantly towards the enormous success of the Gucci brand over the past eight years and it should be wary of biting the hands that feed it.

I believe that Gucci has a tough time ahead of it. The departure of Tom Ford will create a void that may never be effectively filled – Tom Ford, many would argue, is Gucci. He is responsible for turning what was an outdated dinosaur, favoured by the “ladies who lunch set” into a global commodity that transcends the vagaries of fashion.

Deborah Darling

Sales, market development manager

Bauer Inner City

Warrington, Cheshire


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