A day in the life of Christiaan Lette

Name: Christiaan Lette
Company: Publicis
Job title: Campaign manager Procter & Gamble, Healthcare Western Europe

Name: Christiaan Lette
Company: Publicis
Job title: Campaign manager Procter & Gamble, Healthcare Western Europe
What keeps you busy all day?
Clients, Creatives, TV Producers, Traffic, Planners, Art Buying, Publicis Dialog, Dispatch, Cost Controllers, Graduate Summer School Students and the rest of the P&G Hub.
What keeps you awake at night?
Sample working day:
6:30am: Wake up and go for run (recently).
7:50am: Scooter to 82 Baker Street.
8:15am: Breakie at desk, chat to Big T, Jamie Tutton (Campaign Director aka Traffic), reconcile Blackberry.
8:30am: Call P&G Clients in Geneva, update on all projects.
9:30am: Debate on creative copy lines with Account Team.
10:15am: Pop in to see Noel and Glenny (Creative Directors) to smuggle in my POV.
10:30am: TV Production status meeting.
11:30am: E-mail clients, BACC and call UK P&G Client.
12:00pm: Pull together induction presentation on all Healthcare brands for new P&G Geneva Brand Manager as briefed by Richard (Boss).
1:00pm: Sandwich at desk.
1:20pm: Go to Soho to meet Tom and James (producers) from Whitecoat Productions to see how video for client AESGP conference is coming along. We need to cut quite a bit so tell them what to edit.
3:30pm: See Noel and Glenny with Stacy (Planner) to discuss 30 Sinex TV ad, however both seem to have disappeared.
4:00pm: Located N&G but have lost Stacy.
4:15pm: All found, view latest edit with Clare (TV Producer), it looks fantastic and I know clients will love it.
5:00pm: UK P&G client calls requesting logos that need to be sent to Boots DM agency urgently.
5:15pm: Big T on the case.
5:20pm: Upload logos onto FTP site and e-mail Client. Ask Georgie (Hub co-ordinator) to book flights and hotel for Geneva.
5:30pm: Finish induction presentation.
6:30pm: Take Richard through it, several changes (surprise, surprise).
7:15pm: Presentation complete and the boss is a happy man.
7:45pm: Printed, bound and DVD burned of latest creative reel.
8:00pm: Quick pint in Barley Mow (local boozer) with Publicis Summer School students before home.
Whats your busiest time of day?
No particular time, varies, its the nature of the (service) industry.
What accounts have you worked on?
Ballantines Finest, Black, 12YO, 17YO, 21YO, 30YO. Stolichnaya – Allied Domecq, Pernod Ricard
Best day at work:
Sell creative work to clients in morning, they love it. Lunch with boss, good news. Book flights to Croatia for TV shoot in afternoon.
Worst day at work:
Finance meeting, BACC rejects script, client doesn’t like creative route, creatives won’t change it, computer server being temperamental, Traffic gone walkabout, its raining on way home and don’t have my waterproofs with me for scooter.
Name one thing youve achieved that has made your bosses sit up and take notice:
Running the 2006 Publicis Graduate Recruitment Summer School Programme and introducing real client for the pitch.

To run my own business.
Advice to other rising stars:
Work smarter, not harder.
Quote from the boss:
An excellent example to both peers and clients alike of how leadership and always taking responsibility make a huge impact. Plus he makes a mean cup of tea. Richard Robinson Brand Director


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