A Day in the Life of Emma Thwaites

“Best days are any day that we receive positive, unprompted feedback from a client – our clients are busy people so to receive a call or email saying weve done a great job really motivates the whole team.”

Name: Emma Thwaites
Company: Alchemetrics
Job title: Client Services Director

What keeps you busy all day?
I’m ultimately responsible for ensuring our clients gain value from our services in order to meet their marketing objectives, plus making sure we provide an important advisory role on best practice, industry developments etc. I also have commercial responsibilities for the accounts, so there is always a lot going on across our client base and with the service teams at Alchemetrics.

What keeps you awake at night?
I’m generally good at leaving work at work, but there are still times when I wake up thinking about a deadline and extra points to achieve that are not currently on my to-do list!

Describe your working day:
Brave the M4 and the ‘communications improvements’ road works then compare daily travel notes on arrival like a broken record with our FD who has a similarly bad journey.  I will then grab some breakfast at my desk – we have a well-stocked kitchen so this always helps get the day started properly. Generally, my days in the office are a mix of project and process meetings, phone calls, account planning, and action completion. I am often out at a client’s for lunch or a review meeting which is my favourite part of the role in terms of understanding a client’s plans, discussing solutions and reviewing progress on current projects.

What’s your busiest time of day?
This changes from day to day, but often first thing in the morning or at the end of the day, especially if some last minute deadlines come up.

What brands/accounts have you worked on?
Accounts I have worked on over the past few years include Peugeot, Haymarket Media Group, IPC Media, Age Concern Enterprises, Unilever UK, Emap Consumer Media and The Telegraph.

Best day at work:
Any day that we receive positive, unprompted feedback from a client – our clients are busy people so to receive a call or email saying we’ve done a great job really motivates the whole team.

Worst day at work:
Whenever things get tough, people at Alchemetrics are always willing to pitch in meaning that no day is ever truly awful. Although the first day back after the Christmas holiday is never my favourite…

Name one thing you’ve achieved that has made your bosses sit up and take notice:
My use of our weekly management meeting to get what I want for my clients!

To always be learning and keep working with talented people who like a challenge.

Advice to other rising stars:
Try to be self aware – understand your strengths and weaknesses and be open to feedback.

Quote from the boss:
“Emma is a natural marketer and has the enthusiasm for not only helping our clients achieve their goals but also helping them find new ones. She has vitality as well as excellent organization; it’s no surprise she has come so far” Francis Wallinger, MD, Alchemetrics.


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