A day in the life of…Jim Robinson

Listen and understand. Have ideas. Try and do something scary as often as possible.

Jim%20RobinsonName: Jim Robinson

Company: Momentum

Job title: Account Director

What keeps you busy all day:
Dreams of rock n roll, hard work, communication, negotiation, throwing stress balls at my colleague Ravi.

Describe your working day:
Woken by Alex Zane at 7am
Arrive at the office 9am. Ok, 9.20am
Dehydrate and rehydrate as required
Speak to client about latest briefs
Speak to creative about latest briefs
Speak to studio about latest briefs
Repeat as necessary
Talk dirty to Daniel (our ECD)
Throw stress balls at Ravi (our Digital Designer)

What’s your busiest time of day:
I get the most done first thing in the morning and early afternoon. i.e. in between meetings that I and or the client have.

What brand accounts have you worked on:
Johnson & Johnson
Tiffany & Co

Best day at work:
Completing the final event for The Other Lunch Break (MINI) and the realisation we’d pulled off a brilliant body of work.

Worst day at work:
8 years ago at a previous company, the day before Christmas Eve – finding out the company was going into receivership and that no-one was getting paid…

Name one thing you’ve achieved that has made your bosses sit up and take notice:
Growing an account by 25% in a year.

Advice to rising stars:
Listen and understand. Have ideas. Try and do something scary as often as possible.

To spend my days in a creative environment where ideas are encouraged and rewarded.

Quote from the boss:

“Jim brings humour and hard work to the Agency in equal measures – and still finds time to work on his guitar!”

Paul Biggins
CEO London


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