A Day in the Life of Lindsay Gibson

Name : Lindsay Gibson

Company : Channel4

Job Title : Account Manager Digital Channels, Strategic Sales

Name : Lindsay Gibson

Company : Channel4

Job Title : Account Manager Digital Channels, Strategic Sales

What keeps you busy all day?
Responding to briefs, going to meetings, trying to come up with new ideas; internal meetings with reference to E4, More4 and Film4, going to see agencies and clients, meetings and more meetings!

What keeps you up at night?
Lots of stupid things. Mainly things I cant controllike deadlines

Describe your working day
Im lucky / cursed (I delete as appropriate depending on the day or project!) that every day for me is different. With three channels having very differing demographics and brand environments, I can spend some days trying to get some awesome, new-to-telly youth advertisers on E4, others focused on upmarket brands for More4, or trying to encourage 60 advertisers onto Film4.

Mainly, I focus on working out how we should commercially position E4, More4 and Film4 to create interesting stories and differing insights about the channels that in turn will encourage clients and agencies to use us. Sometimes that involves commissioning research such as E4 singles or investigating the benefit of longer-length ads providing cut-though on Film4.

Other times I can be looking at new space and trying to get brands involved outside the commercial breaks. I can be selling spots, sponsorship, new media, interactive or simply just the medium of TV depending on the clients Im talking to. I work across all agencies in the sense that if one of my team get a brief that is appropriate or relevant for our digital channels Ill get involved. My working day, whilst never the same, is always challenging!

Whats your busiest time of day?
Im just busy. The work doesnt tend to lump itself in any particular time slot. Though some mornings I wish it would!

What brands/accounts have you worked on?
Ive worked on loads of different brands, from upmarket cars such as Mercedes and BMW, to younger focussed brands like Universities or Storm watches. As Channel4s digital portfolio covers off all kinds of demographics Ive pretty much been involved with a brand from most sectors.

Best day at work?
Probably this week. I was involved in Channel4s Sales team of the year pitch. Seeing how 140 members of the sales team pulled together for the theatrics of the actual pitch, and then seeing the culmination of 2 weeks worth of work presented by all differing levels of seniority across the floor it was a pretty good day! One Im certainly proud of.

Worst day at work?
The day that commissioning pulled one of the 3 Minute Wonder programmes (the slot after the C4 news) that was part of a bigger cross-platform deal wed struck. As theyd never been sponsored before, the schedulers didnt think to notify us. I found out on the actual night as I sat in front of the TV waiting to see my shiny new sponsorship credit go out. Instead I was faced with a rather different viewing experience.

Luckily we managed to sort it all out but its certainly a moment thats been committed to memory. It still makes me feel nauseous when I think of it now!

Name one thing youve done that has made your bosses sit up and take notice
Taking the lead role in winning the BJK&E DCUK Media Award for Mercedes B Class activity. Channel4 was the first TV company to win this award (and we beat 60 other media owners) and took incremental money from this client.

To somehow find more time to study outside of work. Ive just started a Spanish class and Im keen to be fluent (well at least be able to have a conversation).

Advice to other rising stars
Never be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Quote from the boss:
Lindsay joined Strategic Sales in the Autumn of 2004. Among a short list of applicants she stood out by some considerable margin she had obvious drive and determination and conveyed a real passion for the media business. In her relatively short time at Channel4, shes secured new solus E4 and More4 business having identified key sectors, and brands that werent spending on TV with highly convincing arguments (eg universities/college student recruitment). She identified new commercial opportunities for potential advertiser involvement eg ESPEAK and has had a major influence in shaping the new Film4 policy. But she has done so much more besides. Being a highly creative individual with a can-do attitude, she inspires others around her and people demand her involvement in many other projects and brainstorm sessions.

Mike Elsey, Strategic Sales Manager, Channel4


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