A Day in the Life of Matt Mason

Enthusiasm allows you to make the job as challenging and rewarding as you choose.

Matt%20Mason%2C%20Tequila/Name: Matt Mason

Company: TEQUILA

Job title: Group Account Director

What keeps you busy all day?: I’m not very good at sitting still, so instead of adding to the relentless wave of daily emails I tend to walk around and speak to people. I know its a bit old school but I reckon it works better anyway.

What keeps you awake at night?: My upstairs neighbours – I think they have a pet elephant.

Describe your working day: Generally busy – I try and get in for about 8.30am and leave before 7:30pm. Increasingly finding the gaps between meetings are getting few and far between so find the end of the day most productive.

What’s your busiest time of day?: Always after about 6:00pm – why is it that time goes so much quicker at the end of the day?

What brands/accounts have you worked on?: At TEQUILA I’m currently working on Gala Bingo and Lastminute.com. I also try and get involved in pitch work to mix things up a bit.

Best day at work: That varies – If I’ve been organised and set the week ahead up I quite like Mondays because you can get the work week going well. But typically, Friday afternoons are pretty high on the list.

Worst day at work: The one which is full of back-to-back meetings because it’s difficult to get stuff done.

Name one thing you’ve achieved that has made your bosses sit up and take notice: I got 100% on my bar exam (that’s a landlord exam as opposed to legal). We have a bar at work and we need someone to take on the licence – I volunteered!

Ambitions: Make a great career in advertising and be part of a start-up one day.

Advice to other rising stars: Enthusiasm allows you to make the job as challenging and rewarding as you choose.

Quote from the boss: “Who let you in?”


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