A day with Frank van der Post: My last 24 hours…

What I do every day is very diverse because while I look after the fun, creative aspects around the brand, I also work on product, service and catering – all those operational aspects that involve working with the cabin crew.

In the past 24 hours, I attended a recognition event for some of our colleagues who by the first six months of this year had been with us for 25, 35 or 45 years. So we had the leadership team there, the chairman and about 150 or so colleagues and guests. It was an opportunity for us to have a drink with them and say thank you very much.

This morning I had a meeting with our director of strategy because obviously it’s crucial I know what the airline is considering in terms of fleet planning and product development. I need to make sure my directorate is in tune with future products – the airline may be thinking about 2020 and beyond. I also met up with our finance team because we’re in the middle of our financial planning process and so we’re looking to start shaping next year’s budget.



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