A juicy story that will run and run…

Spot the error in this list (it’s not the American spellings): “HSH (maltitol syrup), cricket, natural and artificial flavoring, artificial color (yellow 5, blue 1)”.

Did you get it? If you’re wondering why an English sport is included in an American ingredients list, you’re on the wrong track.

This list might help: “Maltitol syrup, insect larva, natural and artificial flavoring”. Geddit now?

The lovely people at Claydon Heeley Jones Mason have sent in a collection of lollipops with insects embedded in them, to publicise The Guardian’s latest crusade against fun (sorry, that should read “investigation into food production”). Although the lollipops aren’t the Diary’s idea of good grub, the reaction around the office suggests this idea has (six) legs…


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