A kestrel for a marketer?

This one’s a bit of a hoot. We all know that marketers are as watchful as hawks, always on the scout for fresh prey, but, unlike carrier pigeons, sometimes they can lose their way.

In search of a direction, a group of Hampshire marketers from LeepeckGreenfield visited a local bird of prey sanctuary to watch some falconry. The idea, suggested by Progressive Resources – a team-building company – was designed to stimulate the mind and introduce the team to fresh ideas. LeepeckGreenfield managing director Lee Peck says: “These animals are very vigilant and cautious, and they use all their senses to the full. It’s a good lesson to marketers.”

The Diary, however, is confused about what exactly that lesson may be. Will we start meeting marketers whose only interest is eating raw flesh and listening to your heartbeat from a mile away? Or laying eggs on mountain ledges? Who knows? The Diary doesn’t – so instead, here’s a picture of Peck getting pecked by Squeeky the barn owl. Wait a minute! Maybe that’s it! From now on, marketers will be calling themselves things like Flapper or Baldy – this will certainly make for some interesting new partnerships. Abbott Mead Vickers.Chirpy, or WWAV Rapptor Collins, perhaps?


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