A legend in his own lunchtime

Understatement of the week award must surely go to David Jones, the new group chairman of ad agency DMB&B. The Diary was enjoying lunch with Jones at the très chic San Lorenzo restaurant in Knightsbridge, when who should sit down at the next table but Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall with a female friend. It was too much for the Diary. Choking on a sea bass bone, we couldn’t contain a strangled whisper: “Sorry to interrupt David, but look who’s over there”. Jones, who had been in mid-flow, didn’t bat an eyelid. Squinting shortsightedly, he checked himself for a split second: “Oh, what, those two old women?” DMB&B be warned – this man is not easily impressed.

PS Entrants to the IDM free tickets competition might have a better chance of winning if they fax entries to 0171-930 5241 and not to the number printed last week. Apologies to all concerned.


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