A little grooming for that big day

Weddings, eh? All the rage, it seems. Second only to divorce on the “to do” list of every fashionable couple from Sheffield to Sheerness. Nary a weekend goes by when the Diary cannot be found, damp-eyed, waving off some happy couple, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be clogging up the pubs for a while.

But it’s clear that one section of the population gets a raw deal when it comes to getting spliced – the men. Whether wide-eyed with fear at the altar, or bemused and faintly embarrassed at the church door, men have never really grasped weddings. Women have long taken advantage of this to lay waste the wallets of husbands and fathers. But no longer. Help is at hand.

Wedding website confetti.co.uk has launched a special service for men, detailing their responsibilities, roles and how to make a speech. So, gentlemen, why not spend some of your free time anticipating the big day? After all, you’ll probably spend long enough regretting it…


Burger King appoints new head after Joseph’s sudden departure

Marketing Week

Burger King has appointed Paul Reynish as head of marketing for Burger King UK and Ireland, following the abrupt departure of marketing director Anna Joseph after just three months (MW December 19, 2002). He is the third marketing chief at the fast-food retailer in as many years. Although Reynish’s job title differs from Joseph’s, who […]

Breathe deeply and then relax

Marketing Week

The decision to ban the use of terms such as “light” and “mild” on cigarettes packs is just plain daft. No longer will us weed puffers have our own easy-reference guide as to the likely damage levels inflicted knowingly on our bodies. Having heard the radio interviews with the rule-makers, the reason for the change […]

Channel 4

Marketing Week

Channel 4 claims that its 16to 34-year-old peak-time audience share for 2002 is its highest since it launched in 1982.


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