A real need to recognise the agencies’ role

Lucian Camp remarks (Letters, MW July 29) that the Financial Services Authority regards communications agencies as “right down there with the plankton”.

It is odd that a review of customers’ needs in dealing with financial matters did not include those agencies that help to create the materials and literature produced for them (the conspicuous exception being MT Rainey).

Even more bizarre in a world where physical high street presence has been replaced by brands whose main contact with consumers is largely media- or direct marketing-driven.

When consumers buy important products remotely and intangibly, there is an even greater need for brands to provide a motivating, distinctive, useful and, above all, consistent brand message. After all, in the minds of many consumers the television ads and mailshots are the main evidence that these brands exist in the first place.

Julian Calderara

Managing director

Burkitt DDB

London EC1


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