A slice of support for kingsmill’s great white

I don’t usually disagree with Mark Ritson but this time he’s laid it on a bit thick in ‘Why Kingsmill will fail to butter up the public’.

I think the marketing of the new Kingsmill Great White will succeed in getting a consumer reappraisal and take a big bite 
out of the market.

Firstly, I’m not sure that cognitive dissonance, powerful though it is, is as strong a factor here as Ritson suggests, assuming those buying the bread DO already recognise the health benefits. The issue is squaring that with a flat refusal to cooperate among the eaters, making this a best of both worlds solution.

Second, no doubt Darren Grivvell and his brand team will have brand experience and product trial in their £7m marcoms mix, and not be relying solely on attitude shift advertising. Getting people to do things can be the best way to change the way they feel 
and think.

Felix Hall, managing director, 23red

Double screening, twice the potential?

It’s not surprising that mobile is overtaking TV when it comes to media consumption. Creatives must be aware of who their audience is and where consumers want to continue their experience.

Evidently, online outreach has more to offer consumers, as they can be part of and determine the success of a campaign in real time.

Brands are therefore finding themselves at a fork in the road. So much of our experience happens online, but the TV is still the traditional carrier of media marketing. Dual screening takes the conversation from the living room to the rest of the world and 2014 is the year to really test its profitability.
Getting the marketing mix right in response to this is crucial; neglect one method and risk losing current and future customers.

James Briscoe, managing director, Unique Digital



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