A solution for the over-stressed – have all your problems televised

Are you prematurely grey? Have you forgotten the names of your children? Do you have cigarettes for lunch because you’ve no time for food? Well the Diary has just what you need. No, it’s not a new job, or a grip (as in “get a…”): it’s the chance to appear on a new television reality show, because as everybody knows, the best therapy for people with no spare time is to be made to do everything three times over while a cameraman gets the light right.

Zigzag Productions is looking for “stressed out and unhealthy people” who live on vending-machine coffee to have their lifestyles improved by “experts”.

So if you have time to e-mail liveforever@zigzag.uk.com, you could have the chance to become a whole new person. Now what are you doing reading this? You’ve those figures to check. And have you phoned the media agency yet? You haven’t forgotten the packaging meeting after lunch, have you?


Canada: home to…

Marketing Week

Canada: home to Niagara Falls, the Rockies and, apparently, the occasional handsome Mounty. It’s a land full of natural beauty, so the Diary’s idealised vision was somewhat dented by the news that Canadians are fast catching up with their North American neighbours in the fat stakes. A report late last year stated that obesity rates […]


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