A story to warm your coffee cup

The Diary is not averse to throwing a few all-nighters in the office, as it toils away to bring its army of readers the latest in all things marketing. However, if it had a penny for every time it has reached for its cuppa on these marathons, only to get a mouthful of tepid coffee, the Diary would have &£2.27.

It is therefore with great delight that the Diary can bring you the latest in office inventions: the USB cup warmer. As the device “keeps drinks warmer for longer”, that means no more of that horrible skin forming on top of your coffee. The warmer also doubles up as a four-port USB hub. And looks like something Tomorrow’s World would have described as “the drinking aid of the 21st century” back in the Sixties. Anyone wanting more information on what we would no doubt have been calling “the mug warmer of the future” 40 years ago should visit www.efx.co.uk.


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