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Rosie Baker is Marketing Week’s specialist on sustainability and retail.

It’s finally Christmas, and I for one am very excited. It’s my last day before the holidays, all my shopping is done, and except the journey homewards lugging all the pressies I’ve bought, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the festivities.

Before heading off for the year, I thought I’d put together a few of the ads I’ve really loved this year. There’s no rhyme or reason to why I like them, but but here they are:

Colman’s instant gravy: I Like the Way You Moo

There’s something a bit creepy about the way this Colman’s gravy cow moves, but I like it.


Argos: Argos Christmas Advert 2011

For some reason, I find the blue alien characters Argos has adopted for Christmas very appealing and I hope they become a mainstay of its advertising into 2012.

Barnado’s: Life Story

It feels kind of wrong to love an ad that tells the story of a young boy’s difficult life, but Barnardo’s ad is an amazing way to show how it helps young people through life and really shapes their future in a positive way without being a sickly plea for donations or making you miserable.

The Male Cancer Awareness Charity: Rhian touches herself

The Male Cancer Awareness Charity’s ad designed to encourage men to check for testicular cancer was ingenious. It’s a tricky issue, and even the most ballsy men probably aren’t comfortable doing it, let alone talking about it. The ad starring glamour model Rhian Sugden getting hot under the collar befre revealing a apir of testicles was a brilliant way to be both shocking and educate.

Velvet: Trees for the planet

I like the cute soft simplicity of how this ad for Velvet’s relaunched toilet tissue looked and communicated its message. Not twee, just clear and simple.


Yeo Valley: Yeo Valley Rap

Yeo Valley pulled off a blinder with this original ad, not quite followed up by the second boy band version, but probably the best yoghurt ad of the year, if not ever.

Ikea: You’ll always find me in the kitchen

Although it’s s bit dubious to have an ad as the official video to your single, (note to upcoming bands looking to follow in the footsteps of Man Like Me) as an ad, I really liked the concept behind this happy upside-downey aprty house full of Ikea bits.


Land Rover: Anywhere is Possible

Right back at the start of the year, Land Rover used a landscape made entirely out of clay to promote its new Freelander model. The ad was beautifully made and was sucha refreshing change to the many automotive ads that show more rolling roads than creative thinking.



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