A wee bit of toilet humour for the day

The Diary was wondering whether to send Madonna and Guy Ritchie a belated wedding present. But what do you buy the couple that has everything?

Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kleenex products, came up with the perfect gift. It shipped two rolls of toilet paper to Dornoch Cathedral in Scotland for the big occasion on December 22.

The reason? According to the BBC, the minister performing the ceremony has a tradition of giving the bride and the groom a roll of toilet paper as a gift. The Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper brand chosen for the happy day even featured the symbol of a wedding ring.

The minister, Rev Susan Brown, seems to approve. She says: “The toilet roll is long and strong, which is what I hope their marriage will be”.


Innovation: ‘breaks conventions’

Marketing Week

Your cover story and editorial concerning the dearth of true innovation (MW January 11) struck many chords. So many companies insist that they want to be market-led with their new product development efforts. In fact to break new ground, to really innovate, the requirement is to be market-leading. Being market-led implies being led by the […]

The high cost of joining the euro

Marketing Week

In the article by George Pitcher, entitled, “Will Japanese Car Makers last in a euro-isolated UK?” (MW January 11). He does not give any indication of the price that sterling would have to enter the euro, to make Nissan competitive. Surely, the price of entry is crucial, otherwise, going in at today’s rate could lock […]

NEC centre offers link-up

Marketing Week

Birmingham’s NEC exhibition centre has added virtual facilities to its “real-world” offering. The company has forged an alliance with online exhibition specialist Expocentric, bringing 3-D display technology to the NEC website and its 130,000 visitors a month. The agreement will enable users to access links to other Expocentric shows from the NEC site. It aims […]


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