A2Dominion builds better data quality

Housing provider A2Dominion is tackling data quality in its Universal Housing database which supports the company’s CRM and call centre systems.

Working with DataFlux, the company will profile its enterprise data on property and tenants as part of a new data quality framework.

The company was formed by the merger of A2 and Dominion in 2008 and has over 33,000 properties to maintain and manage. The Universal Housing database was created through the migration of multiple systems data into a single view. It holds information on property type, number of bedrooms, location, business stream and postcode, as well as customer and tenant rent account history and transactions.

The database will be profiled to identify where data quality improvements are needed. A2Dominion Group plans to create an organisational data quality culture on the back of this to maintain a single set of data quality standards. Better trust in realtime data will also drive better customer service and communications.

Trevor Whittaker, applications systems manager, A2Dominion Group, says: “After a number of data migration projects, we wanted to ensure that accurate information feeds day-to-day activities, such as repairs and property inventory. By avoiding manual intervention, all these processes become faster and more efficient. As a partially government-funded organisation, we also need to use our data for reporting to the Tenant Services Authority, so the quality of data is always paramount to us.” 



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