AB InBev launches Family Talk responsible drinking strategy

Anheuser-Busch InBev UK is launching a responsible drinking initiative under the banner Family Talk UK on Facebook and in the press.


The campaign is based on the finding that parents are the most respected source of advice for educating young people about alcohol, more so than teachers or health advisors.

Family Talk UK launches on Facebook and features videos with groups of parents talking about certain topics, such as alcohol going missing in the home, and sharing tips on how to educate children about alcohol use.

A press ad has appeared in the The Sun today (23 September) promoting the Facebook iniative.

The ads encourage readers to visit www.facebook.com/FamilyTalkUK to learn more about responsibility and drinking.

The insights have been developed from research conducted by Mumsnet and Populus.

Concerns about underage drinking and young people drinking to excess continue to be raised by health bodies and lobbying groups.

European brewers have just agreed guidelines for marketing alcohol via social media.

AB InBev also has an ad in the FT today promoting Beer Responsible Day under the line “Our message in every bottle. Responsibility means different things to different people”



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