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I was amazed to read in the article on job losses at Abbey National (MW September 26) that “those affected are being offered alternative employment within the group”. As one of the 40 affected in the Bradford department, neither myself nor any of my 39 colleagues have been offered any sort of redeployment within the group and have all been told we are no longer required. The same also applies to the 55 made redundant in Milton Keynes.

The piece did not state who the spokeswoman was who provided this drivel, and it is clear she has no idea about how the message was delivered, what the effects were, and what had been offered to staff.

I’m sure you will have also read The Times article about how news of the redundancies was delivered in Milton Keynes and it was no better in Bradford. All 40 members of the team were asked to go to a local hotel where a “nameless wonder” (he didn’t have the courtesy to say who he was), delivered a pre-scripted speech and then invited everyone in the room to pick up “their” envelope at the back of the room on their way out. No time to question the validity of the decision or for any compassion. Some in the room had in excess of 20 years’ service and all they were given was ten minutes to say they were no longer needed. This is the new caring world of Abbey National.

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