ABC debate is welcome indeed

It was encouraging to see so many key industry figures debating the issues surrounding ABC certification of consumer magazine circulation data (MW last week).

The upcoming Concurrent Release is an important barometer for the industry, detailing specific performances, and providing media buyers and advertisers with the robust and transparent data they need to base their buying decisions on.

Both the Concurrent Release and the individual certificate for each title contain a detailed breakdown of the different types of circulation that combine to make the headline figures, and enable everyone to gain an accurate picture circulation.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and the rules that govern the reporting of consumer magazine figures may need to change as the industry evolves.ÂABC constantly reviews these processes, and in the coming months will pay particular attention to the discussion on consumer magazines.ÂThe process is indeed already under way, so it is perhaps a little unfair to report that “few changes get through”. To successfully serve every party in the media industry we must achieve consensus from all.

I absolutely welcome Bernard Balderston’s views on this issue, and look forward to him and other advertisers, agencies and media owners and buyers, playing their role in the coming months.

Chris Boyd

Chief executive

Audit Bureau of Circulations




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