Absolute Radio aims to be more than a radio station

Absolute Radio has set up a digital working group to develop standalone digital propositions and is inviting involvement from the digital community.

Absolute radio

The project goes under the title One Golden Square Labs and the group will be looking to develop applications for the web and new and emerging platforms, including wi-fi radio, next generation DAB with integrated internet and social media. It will take an open source approach and look for ideas from all quarters.

Absolute Radio, which celebrated its first birthday in September, has also confirmed the name of its new DAB radio station will be dabbl. The station goes live today (1 October) with listeners choosing the music by voting.

The station will focus initially on live music programming during it’s beta phase and take in live sessions, live stage sets and classic live recordings.

The platform is experimental and can be themed and developed according to commercial partners or listeners preferences.


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