Accuracy pivotal to DM success

I read the direct marketing article “Hit or miss” (MW January 13) on database accuracy and must say that I mainly agree with what was said.

Although many marketers have yet to grasp the importance of accurate databases, there is also a lack of commitment by companies as a whole to embrace such change.

The attitude of department heads and salesforces that “it’s only marketing” makes it difficult for the marketing department to force change, especially when it tends to be the smallest department in the company.

The very idea that the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) would charge for each hit a screening company finds is ridiculous. I thought the DMA wanted to actively encourage the use of direct marketing and up-to-date lists, and to dispel the “junk mail” title that many consumers give it.

This would only encourage companies to continue spending money sending dead mail rather than have the added inconvenience of spending the same amount on a screening process.

Direct marketing has been on the increase for a few years now and I for one believe the trend will continue, which is something I look forward too.

I tackled the problem of inaccurate databases for several years with my previous employer and think there is no magic fix to this problem.

You can reduce inaccuracy, but it will never be eradicated.

Neil Hyde




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