Acxiom white paper: how data holds key to customer-centric marketing

More than $500bn (£300bn) is spent globally in advertising and nearly 40 per cent of it is mistimed, misplaced and mis-messaged. While some may argue alarming statistics can be found to highlight almost any point, few if any would argue that consumers won’t be more brand loyal to more personalised communications or that big data does not represent a huge opportunity and challenge for marketers and businesses.

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Making personalised connections is the single most important element for reaching customers and enhancing the relationship with them. In this ever-expanding world of big data, most advertisers increasingly experience disconnected data, insights and actions in marketing to their customers.

In fact, despite attempts to eradicate them, it seems there are more silos of customer data than ever before in businesses, leading to still more disconnects: online disconnected from offline, advertisers’ data disconnected from publishers’, awareness campaigns disconnected from customer experience, social and mobile marketing data in silos of their own, leading to sub-optimal marketing, sub-optimal customer experiences and wasted resources…

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