Ad agency launches civil liberties campaign

Creative Orchestra, the not for profit advertising agency is running a campaign using an image based on Hitler, in an effort to raise debate over civil liberties in the UK.

The hard-hitting campaign is non-partisan, but aims to stimulate debate about freedom and civil liberties in the final week before the general election.

The creative uses the distinctive image of Hitler and uses a CCTV camera icon as the dictator’s moustache.

The campaign will appear online across YouTube, Facebook as well as on outdoor posters, press ads and targeted graffiti by supporters.

The outdoor campaign carries the line: “In the interest of your own safety…”

It continues via an online TV ad seeded on YouTube with the line: “But where does it end?”

Creative director, Chris Arnold, says: “We have seen declining civil liberties in the UK over the last few decades and feel it’s an important issue that isn’t being debated. This campaign is designed to upset politicians and start the debate. The campaign asks one simple question, “How free do you feel?”.”

Creative Orchestra is appealing to national press publications to run the ads free of charge.

Arnold adds: “The press are being effected by our loss of civil liberties as well, it’s in their interest to start the debate because once we’ve lost our freedoms, there’s no turning back.”


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