‘Ad blockers are forcing us to innovate’ says Jeep as it tests non-obtrusive ad format

Jeep – which recently implemented the ‘PageSkin Edge’ ad format, designed for overcoming ad blockers on smartphones – says ad blocking is a “positive development” that is forcing it to “improve the creative advertising experience on mobile”.

The ad format (pictured), created by ad tech firm InSkin, wraps around the top and right-hand sides of webpage content on mobile and tablet. Subsequently, as the viewer scrolls through content, the right-hand side element, which features branding and calls to action, scrolls the page and remains in view. Therefore, in theory, the format is designed to never obscure the content users are reading.

Almost three-quarters (72%) of Brits say that intrusive ads are the biggest motivator for them installing ad blockers; for video, over half (52%) said that pre-roll is the most interfering format, according to research by Teads.

But the car brand is hoping that the PageSkin Edge format can help to combat this trend.

Jeep, which claims to be the first brand to use the ad format on mobile, saw a viewability rate of 95% in its test campaign, with 30% of all impressions in excess of 1 minute and a click-through-rate of 2%.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Jeep’s head of digital communications Michelle Davis said the car brand was facing the ad blockers “head on”.

“Jeep still has a robust desktop and tablet strategy so ad-blockers haven’t been damaging to the brand in terms of ad consumption in those channels,” she said.

“But where ad-blockers have become a topic of interest for Jeep, is where conversations have helped to improve the creative experience on mobile through key suppliers. Publishers bring this to light through the education of their audiences, and also the agencies and brands that work with them. So we see ad-blockers as a positive development in this regard.”

Davis, acknowledging that car brands are often seen as a big contributor when it comes to obtrusive banner ads, says Jeep is battling to change this perception.

She added: “Through this format and through our mobile strategy in general, the focus is to create not only engaging formats but to also be in the right place, at the right time. Relevancy is key, which is why premium publishers are a focus to deliver not only well thought out creative but also ideal context.

“Ad blockers are a reality that the brand will face head on, and innovate as a result of. It’s in our interests to be providing compelling content and messaging to relevant audiences that they will not want to block! Many users recognise the role of advertising in the world today and there’s no reason why brands shouldn’t be delivering an engaging message through advertising that improves the user experience rather than hinder or annoy.”