Ad body pans ‘orange peel’ cellulite pill

A new pill which provoked women to riot in Australia has attracted a warning issued by the Committee of Advertising Practice, the organisation which draws up advertising regulations.

The warning was issued last week following the launch of Cellasene, a herbal pill designed to reduce “thigh circumference” and offering a treatment for “orange peel skin”.

The CAP says that media owners should be careful about accepting ads for the product which claim to have a beneficial effect on reducing cellulite.

It also says that the Advertising Standards Authority and CAP claim not to have seen any satisfactory evidence to support the efficacy claims for anti-cellulite pills.

Chris Reed, ASA external affairs manager, says: “If there are any suggestions of the beneficial effect on reducing cellulite the ASA would need very good evidence to back up the claims.”

Cellasene went on sale last week priced at about 70 for a recommended course of pills lasting 60 days.

The pills, which contain seaweed and dried grape seed extract, are available over the counter and are stocked by Superdrug, Lloyds and Safeway.

Cellasene is manufactured by Medestea in Italy and is distributed in the UK through Oakwood, a subsidiary of vitamin and mineral manufacturers Peter Black Healthcare.


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