Ad industry says Government should rethink ad proposals

The advertising industry has rejected Government proposals that would see valuable advertising space donated to carry public information campaigns for nothing.

The government wants the “Big Society of media owners and advertisers to help by providing space and work for free as it looks to cut Whitehall’s marketing and communications budget.

It launched a review last month soliciting opinion from the industry on how it can produce more effective campaigns for less money.

In its submission, the Advertising Association says: “The UK is world class in using communications to support policy implementation. Communicate less and you collect less tax; spend more money; recruit the wrong teachers, nurses and soldiers. This industry is a massive donor to good causes and adds further value through partnerships such as Change4Life.

“It shouldn’t risk those commitments to plug gaps where taxpayer investment is justified.”

The Government has enlisted the help of experts such as WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell and Channel 4 chief executive David Abraham to advise on marketing and communications strategy.

Proposals include using Government websites to deliver marketing campaigns and the adoption of a US-style Ad Council.



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