Ad watchdog clears Huggies in row with nappy rival Pampers

Hannibal%20RisingA Huggies television campaign that compared its nappies with rival Pampers has escaped censure by the advertising regulator, following a complaint from Procter & Gamble that the comparison was unfair and misleading.

The ad for the Kimberly-Clark-owned brand’s Natural Fit nappies includes a P&G-owned Pampers Active Fit nappy laid out alongside the Huggies brand. A voiceover says/ “Unlike Pampers Active Fit, Huggies Natural Fit is shaped between and around the legs.” The campaign was created by Ogilvy.

P&G complained to the Advertising Standards Auth-ority that the ad misrepresented the shape and fit of its product. But the ASA ruled the ad “merely” highlighted the difference between the shaping of the nappies in the leg area. It also concluded that the comparison was fair and not misleading.

Meanwhile, complaints over a TV ad for the cinema release of Hannibal Rising, featuring brief scenes from the film have been upheld.

The ASA ruled the trailer should have a post-9pm restriction, because though little actual violence is shown, the overall cumulative effect of the ad and its fast-changing clips was one of menace and fear.

The ad included a child screaming, a scythe at someone’s throat, a blood-filled syringe, and the title character Hannibal Lecter in a mask.

The ad had been given a post 7.30pm restriction by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC).

  • EasyJet has complained to the ASA about a Virgin Trains ad, which claims that a train journey emits three-quarters less carbon dioxide than a comparable trip by air. Earlier this year, the no-frills airline was rapped by the regulator for “inaccurately” portraying the environmental benefits of its new fleet of planes.


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