Adidas makes jerseys from plastic, Dove tackles low self-esteem among school girls: International round-up

Plus American Express champions work-life balance in new ad series and Manchester City announces partnership with South Korea’s Nexon.

Adidas launches ‘upcycled’ Earth Day soccer jerseys

Sportswear giant Adidas has created Earth Day soccer jerseys made from upcycled plastic ocean waste that will be worn by all 23 Major League Soccer (MLS) teams during Earth Day weekend, which starts on Friday 20 April.

Each jersey has been made from 11 recycled plastic bottles and rubbish – found in beaches and coastal communities – and will be available for purchase on the Adidas and MLS online stores.

It is understood the plastic rubbish is reworked into technical fibres that can be used for apparel or footwear.

“In partnership with Adidas, we’re excited to bring the MLS Parley kits to all 23 clubs as part of this season’s MLS Works Greener Goals initiative,” JoAnn Neale, chief administrative and social responsibility officer for the MLS, says.

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Dove’s new campaign tackles low self-esteem among school girls in Japan

Dove has teamed up with creative agency ADX Tokyo to launch a new campaign aimed  at building self-esteem among Japanese school girls.

Titled ‘Real Beauty ID’, the advert was produced in response to sobering statistics that revealed just 7% of girls in Japan feel confident about the way they look – one of the lowest figures in the world.

According to the skin care brand, five in 10 Japanese girls have low self-esteem and will avoid things such as engaging with friends and participating in activities outside of the house.

Research also revealed four in 10 Japanese girls with low body esteem skip meals and don’t see a doctor.

Dove says it plans to change these girls’ perceptions of themselves and help them feel confident in their own skin.

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4A’s crackdowns on brand safety with launch of Advertiser Protection Bureau

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) has launched a brand safety taskforce, dubbed the Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB), designed to create trustworthy environments that benefit marketers and consumers.

Through the bureau, the agencies will collectively share the responsibility of creating a community that protects the health of all brands, as well as consumers.

The APB has also introduced a process to flag “risky environments”, which would then be investigated by agency-client teams. Agency groups would also work together in order to make sure they notify each other when a brand’s ad is viewed in an “unsafe” environment.

According to Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO at 4A’s, the Advertising Assurance will focus on a “holistic view of what our responsibility is to consumers, brands and to each other”.

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American Express champions work-life balance and ‘hybrid’ lives in revamped marketing strategy 

American Express (Amex) is looking to speak to consumers whose work and personal lives are intertwined through its new campaign. Across a series of videos, Amex has revealed two new tag lines ‘Don’t Live Life Without It’ and ‘Don’t Do Business Without it’ alongside the theme ‘My Life, My Card’ in a bid to showcase its new positioning.

Produced with creative agency McGarryBowen, the campaign features a number of consumers trying to juggle their working life while caring for their children. The idea for the adverts stemmed from a global study conducted by Amex which found more than half of participants say their lives intertwine personal and professional responsibilities.

The ads will appear across 10 TV spots (15,30 and 60 seconds long), as well as at outdoor advertising in transit hubs across the US.

“It’s really our customers’ collective stories. We’re in this together,” says Elizabeth Rutledge, chief marketing officer at Amex.

“They’re leading these vibrant, interesting, complicated and complex lives and it’s important that they can count on American Express to always have their back.”

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Manchester City signs partnership with South Korea’s Nexon

Manchester City has signed a partnership with South Korean Gaming company Nexon. As part of the deal, Nexon will become Manchester City’s official social football gaming partner in South Korea with the club saying it has many collaborations planned with the prominent gaming company.

Manchester City will also work with Nexon to help expand the in-game content of FIFA Online 4, while Nexon says it’s planning to draft an official Manchester City FIFA Online 4 ambassador for the forthcoming tournaments.

Damian Willoughby, senior vice-president of partnerships at City Football Group, says Nexons shares Manchester City’s “commitment in providing innovative and immersive experiences for a global audience”.

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