Adidas slams Suarez for biting opponent

Adidas has issued a stinging rebuke to brand ambassador and Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez after he admitted to biting an opponent during a football match.

Adidas has warned brand ambassador Luis Suarez after the player admitted to biting an opponent.

The controversial Uruguayan’s footballer bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on the arm during yesterday’s (21 April) 2-2 draw at Anfield.

Suarez, who has a multimillion deal with Adidas, will meet with officials from the sportswear business later this week to discuss his on-pitch behaviour after the incident drew widespread criticism.

In a statement Adidas said “we take this type of incident very seriously” and “do not condone Luis Suarez’s behaviour”. It adds: “We will be reminding him of the standards we expect from our players. Luis has admitted his actions were unacceptable and we support the way Liverpool are planning to handle the situation.”

The striker has issued a formal apology for his “unacceptable behaviour” and has been fined an undisclosed sum by Liverpool.

Suarez and Liverpool’s allure to potential sponsors could be damaged in light of the incident with Adidas the latest sponsor to voice public reservations over his behaviour. Last year, Liverpool’s shirt sponsor Standard Chartered said they were “disappointed” with the player after he refused to to shake Manchester United player Patrice Evra’s hand ahead of a match.

Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Evra during a football match in 2011.

Adidas and Liverpool have moved swiftly to temper any negative perceptions in an effort to avoid a repeat of the criticisms the club drew over how it dealt with Suarez over the Evra incident.



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