Adobe moves marketing focus online


Adobe Systems, the US creative technology company, is to significantly cut its spend on print advertising and will ramp its investment in online advertising.

The company says that traditionally print advertising has been effective for reaching the company’s target audiences in both the consumer and business sectors but that is will now ramp up its commitment to the Web.

Ann Lewnes, senior vice-president of corporate marketing and communications at Adobe, says: "We are looking to significantly reduce our commitment to print and migrate that spend to the Web. Adobe creates products for the Web and we need to be a leader in migrating our advertising online. Our marketing is moving to the Web, because that is where our products are."

She says that another motivation in the decision to slash print spend is measurement and return on investment.

She adds: "The Web is cost-effective and you can track and effectively measure campaigns. That means you can test and modify campaigns and activities. You can’t do that with print."

Lewnes describes this as "a unique year for Adobe" as it roles a raft of new products including Adobe Apollo, which Lewnes describes as "the ultimate rich internet application" that will enable companies to create "branded" experiences just one click away on the desktop".


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