Adobe’s move on Omniture is all about controlling data

Adobe’s move to acquire the web specialist Omniture for $1.8bn highlights the growing value of the online consumer behavioural targeting market (“Adobe to buy Omniture”, 16 September).

Interest from larger companies that have not traditionally operated in this space will impact on how measurement and behavioural optimisation technologies are integrated into interactive media. It will also allow Adobe to expand its website production offering and will undoubtedly enable it to demonstrate increased ROI for customers.

While the industry appears puzzled by the acquisition, this could in fact be part of a longer term strategy by Adobe to create a monopolised standard for the collection of behavioural data, much in the way as the PDF, which has become the defacto format for sharing documents.

Only time will really tell how significant the move will be and if it will encourage other players to enter the market and to expand their offering in a similar way.

Pontus Kristiansson
Co-founder and CEO
Avail Intelligence


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