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  1. Georgina 11 Jan 2017

    Snapchat does this too and personally I skip straight past any disruptive advertising done in this way by brands. It’s annoying!
    It would be interesting to know if brands have had any ROI using this tactic.

  2. Sammie Knight 17 Jan 2017

    The idea of putting ads into the stories between the ones already on Instagram is a marketing move that could benefit Instagram. At first when Instagram added stories it just seemed like they were trying to compete with Snapchat, and as stated in the article they “give credit to competitors” for the feature. After a month or so of having the feature it became apparent to me personally Instagram stories had a different esthetic than Snapchat stories. The ads in-between the existing stories also felt like a nuisance, but usually one out of every five ads catches my attention and I watch the ad and see if I’m interested in the product or company. This is a good and competitive strategy to get your product or company noticed. The ads on Instagram might actually be more effective than on Snapchat because more people follow accounts of clothing and product companies, so using the story and ads to their advantage could increase sales. How the company presents their product in a short ad will determine the effectiveness of the ad. Everyday people are always searching for the latest trends and these stories and ads could be a powerful way for them to do so.

  3. Meri Chobanyan 18 Jan 2017

    Hi there,
    Guys, the lead sentence says that brands involved in the experiment are L’Oreal, ASOS and LV, however, later on, the article states that the brands are Adidas, L’Oreal and ASOS. So, is it Adidas or LV that we should be paying attention to?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Rachel Gee 18 Jan 2017

      Hi Meri,
      Instagram will be working with all of the brands you have mentioned. These companies are a few of the 30 it is testing its ads format with.

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