Ads prevent TV death epidemic

Iain Murray in his comment on the UK’s first recorded case of death by television (MW April 24), informs us that victims of TV sensory saturation suffer from “disorientation, a loss of perspective, and mental and physical enfeeblement”.

But was he referring to the viewers or the producers? After all it’s true that the quality of advertising in this country frequently surpasses the quality of the programming.

But why?

The perception of ad agencies ruled by creatives whose only goal is winning a gong may be a popular myth but the truth is that good creatives work hand in hand with good planners to deliver advertising that understands its audience and their motivations. Programme producers, on the other hand, have no such constraints and can inflict their every foible on the defenceless couch potato.

What a responsibility for every marketer in the country, knowing that it is only their budgets that are preventing an epidemic of TV related deaths.

Evan Ivey

Planning director

Aspen Business Communications

London NW1


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