Advertisers to select show for ITV2

ITV is to give advertisers the chance to commission a one-hour entertainment show that will be broadcast on ITV2.

The aim is to provide advertisers and their agencies with an insight into commissioning, which is often perceived as a complicated and mysterious process.

At ITV’s Television Matters conference on May 14, Peter Bennett Jones, chairman of Tiger Aspect Productions, will talk advertisers through the commissioning process. They will then be presented with three programme ideas, all from Tiger Aspect.

The brief, which was drawn up by ITV2, is for a show that will appeal to 16-34 year-olds for broadcast in a 10pm slot.

The conference audience will use interactive handsets to vote for the idea they think best fits the brief.

Daniela Neumann, head of programmes for ITV2, will then reveal her choice, but the show chosen by the advertisers will be the one made for the channel.

Neumann says: “As a channel aiming primarily to appeal to 16-34 year-olds, it is vital that all of ITV2’s original commissions stand out. As a commissioner, there are all kinds of factors you have to take on board when deciding on a programme, so it will be interesting to see which idea the audience chooses and why.”

ITV’s one-day seminar for advertisers and agencies, hosted by Chris Tarrant, is designed to promote TV advertising.


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