Advertising is content says Yahoo’s Bartz

IAB Engage: Yahoo! chief executive and president Carol Bartz says brands need to do more to exploit the power of online display advertising.


Speaking today (4 November) at the IAB Engage conference in London, Bartz says that most brands are not using digital advertising media to its fullest potential.

Bartz says: “Brands aren’t doing enough. Display advertising can bridge the emotional divide that is necessary if you’re trying to make your campaign viable, rather than just bringing your offline campaign online.

“It’s about giving people the content they want regardless of the space.

You should never waste a pixel on a screen – you have to make the most of the canvas, and not waste the space for the advertiser or the user,” she adds.

Bartz talked about the potential of integrating SEO and display, and used the phrase Social Recommendation Optimisation (SRO) to describe the way brands can optimise social networks to share content and brand messages through users.

“[SRO] means you can turn your customers into evangelists,” she adds.

She warned brands afraid of digital advertising models to think about the medium they’re using, because advertising was now being seen as content by consumers and by the likes of Yahoo!.

“Brands need to use computing power to affect a brand differently than you do offline. Emotion is great but smart advertisers are trying to educate.

“Online is way beyond the days of scraping the ad from offline to online. Lets engage consumers, give them interactivity and information in various ways. [By] doing that we will all be more successful,” says Bartz.


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