MoneySuperMarket offers public chance to drive first mind-controlled car

MoneySuperMarket is launching a campaign that will give a member of the public an opportunity to drive the first mind-controlled electric car as it looks to build on its “Epic” positioning and drive brand awareness.

The digital campaign is fronted by former Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman. In a video available on YouTube, she is shown road testing the car around a laser track.

The video encourages the public to enter their details for a chance to drive the vehicle at an event on Thursday (16 July).

Speaking to Marketing Week, MoneySuperMarket’s head of digital David Harling dismissed the idea that the campaign could be seen as a gimmick. Instead, he said the campaign was an opportunity for the brand to stand out and remain front of mind in a hugely competitive market.

The aim is to push its car insurance product by getting people to think about driving safely, as well as position the brand as fun, innovative and different.

“Car insurance as a vertical has become hugely competitive, not just for price comparison sites but direct providers. The ‘Epic Mind Drive’ can deliver something that keeps MoneySuperMarket in the lens of being innovative and from a digital standpoint push safe driving and how that impacts your premium,” he said.

“We had an incredible amount of fun doing it, it is intended to be different, to show the ‘epic’ side of the brand.”

The campaign fits with MoneySuperMarket’s wider “Epic” messaging, which includes its current TV ad, dubbed “Epic Strut”, that features a man walking down the street in heels and tight shorts having saved money on his car insurance.

Harling said MoneySuperMarket believes that message represents the “nature of the brand”, although he acknowledges that its ad campaigns can “split the nation”.

“We put campaigns out that we believe represent the nature of the brand, drive awareness and put us front of mind. We have got to stand out and do something different and the moment you do that you can split the nation.

“The only way to please everyone is to be safe and advertising is not about being safe especially in a competitive market like ours. We are mindful that what we put out will not resonate with everyone but we are comfortable and confident that what we put represents our brand and reaches the right audience,” he said.



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