AEG has started something with trade sponsorships

How refreshing to hear Kimberly Kriss speak of her ambitions to put data and marketing rigour at the heart of AEG Europe. 

For too long, rights holders have been forced to trade sponsorship based on exposure opportunities, rather than on data-led solutions.

However, overlaying your own consumer data onto this new landscape creates a world in which sponsorship conversations shift from being solely financially based to those which also recognise the scale and power of brand channels.

Simple in theory but the challenge for rights holders is changing those long-held mindsets.

Dave Roberts, deputy managing director, M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment

CSR cut-through

Regarding Lara O’Reilly’s piece ‘CSR lacks weight with customers without a business strategy link’, the reason it needs to be in the blueprint of a brand is that customers are often cynical about what businesses say, and are much more persuaded by what they do. Yes a good fit between brand and cause is a key input, and marcomms are an important output, but outcomes are what matter. That’s why setting targets related to the core business objectives, and then reporting on them regularly, is what makes an impact on the company’s triple bottom line.

Jo Arden, head of strategy, 23red

Aisles of separation

Even if British consumers are navigating through a supermarket’s aisles with relative ease and value this experience, marketers face their own problem. How do they gain consideration of their brand among the huge array of products?

We find that shoppers are typically confronted by a barrage of product claims and formats, but their behaviour is often driven by need and usage occasions. This gap between consumer and brand intentions can complicate
the shopping experience, leading to frustration at the point of sale.

Brands need to invest in understanding the shoppers’ perspective in order to create packaging systems that align
with their decision criteria. Marketers that do so are more likely to be rewarded at the shelf.

Grant Montague, senior research director, Perception Research Services

App aptitude test

Ronan Shields’ article ‘Facebook launch shines a light on the many failures in mobile marketing’ did well to highlight the futile nature of much of the app world. Brands want to build the new and the shiny but they can often end up lacking in any semblance of shelf life.

There needs to be a change in attitude to the way brands and their marketers approach apps. Gone are the days
of creating something that’s static or campaign-focused; brands need to realise that people expect their apps to continually improve and provide a stream of information and entertainment. 

Making an app provocative and engaging enough to get downloaded is just the start.

Dan Northover, digital design director, Partners Andrews Aldridge


Russell Parsons

TV can ‘now wear the clothes’ of DM

Russell Parsons

As a media channel, most television advertising would never historically have been considered a bedfellow of direct marketing. DRTV campaigns by charities aside, slow-burn, brand building TV advertising has been seen as the antitheses of one to one, data driven direct marketing.    


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