Aegon Asset Management rebrands to build business

Investment management company Aegon Asset Management, sister company to Aegon UK, is rebranding as Kames Capital.


The rebrand is part of the company’s strategy to grow its global third party business.

The rebrand has been carried out by the consultancy Onesixtyfourth and creative agency Whitestone. The new name reflects Aegon’s Scottish Heritage and links to Scottish Equitable,as Lord Kames was a Scottish philosopher, judge and writer who inspired philosopher David Hume and economist Adam Smith.

Founding partner of Onesixtyfourth Anne Bahr Thompson says: “Aegon Asset Management UK needed to clarify the distinction between their business and that of the parent insurance group. This clarity is vital in their highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry.”

Chief marketing officer of Kames Capital Andrew Bell adds: “We wanted to send a signal to the market that we are dedicated to growing our third party business and that our values and motivations are focused on sustaining and increasing capital for our clients.”

Kames Capital is based in London and Edinburgh and handles £49 bn worth of investments.

Aegon UK restructured its marketing team to exploit upcoming regulatory changes that will likely increase the pool of prospective customers last month. The company appointed Friends Provident managing director Paul McMahon to the newly created role of group marketing director.

The company is a sponsorship partner of the Lawn Tennis Association.



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