Aerial assault for chance to see digital TV

I was interested to read Robert Mayes’ letter (MW October 7) regarding ONdigital. I live in a block of flats. When I moved in a few years ago, I suggested we erect a satellite dish, but, for one reason or another, the freeholder would not allow it. I also suggested cable and, again, the freeholder would not agree. So, when ONdigital arrived, I thought, wonderful, I can finally go digital.

I bought the receiver, plugged it in and – surprise, surprise – no signal. In the end, I got very fed up trying to get the managing agent to repair it when it believed there was no fault. As I understood from one aerial company, it would cost many thousands of pounds to upgrade, so I put up my own aerial. Oh dear, I now have letters threatening to take me to court. So much for the digital revolution.

Simon Kay

Marketing manager

Britannic International Exhibition Services


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