AffiliateFuture to expand overseas

AffiliateFuture is to be the first British-based affiliate marketing company to expand into the US and mainland Europe, with the launch of two new networks. Brands including As Seen On Screen, MDS Battery and Singapore Airlines have already signed up.

AffiliateFuture chief executive Maz Darvish says that the success of the company since its launch three years ago “has given us the necessary confidence in the business model, plus the first-hand knowledge of how best to capitalise on it.”

Affiliate marketing companies act as middlemen. On the one hand, merchants or advertisers supply them with their online creative executions: on the other hand, website owners select which of those ads they want to run. Site owners then receive commission for the number of visitors passed on to an advertiser’s site, leads generated or sales made.

Merchants signed up to AffiliateFuture’s existing network – one of the top three in the UK – include, John Lewis, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Website owners taking ads include Automart, Pucci Petware, Stone Island and World Vision. Promotions can be short-term and tactical (particularly in the travel sector), event-driven or generic, ongoing site traffic generators.

Darvish adds that the strategies for entering the US and Europe will be very different. While US marketers and site owners understand affiliate marketing, there is only one significant player in what is already a very lucrative market. Europe, however, is in the early stages and so both advertisers and site owners will need educating.


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